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Intuisco Analytics

It’s hard to know your customers if your main interaction with them is through your website. We employ a process called cluster analysis so that you can turn behavioural information into meaningful insights about your customers.

Cluster analysis categorises and organises raw information from your customers’ behaviour. This can help inform your marketing strategy by building behaviour profiles for your target audience, inferring the pain points and desires of your customers.

This process can also be used for problem solving. With a specific aim, such as increasing sales for a seasonal product, you can tailor how the data will be clustered to allow insights on a specific issue.

Cluster analysis can either focus on revealing patterns in what your customers have in common, or help you understand what makes them unique. It can help you understand what different types of customers respond to, and how to find a tailored approach for different customer profiles. 

Each analysis can build on the last to progressively provide more insight into your business. You can also use it as a way to examine theories and suppositions about your market, enhancing your business intuition.Our approach is about taking your data and making it personal. We want to shed light on your market and help you understand your customers. The secrets are already in the information you have, waiting to be brought out and turned into strategic improvements in your business.

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