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Data Knowledge
An efficient business is ready to take on challenges and seize opportunities. Stay efficient and competitive with transparent data and the type of insights that will put you ahead of your competitors.
Business Intelligence
In business, the right decisions are what lets your business thrive. When you've got all the information you need at your fingertips, you can replace guesswork with insight, and make sure you're on the right track.
Big Data
Insight is a vital part of any business, and the better your information, the more you can understand the market. We offer Data Quality, Integration, and Management services so you can reduce risk and grow your business in confidence.

Sentiment Analysis Using Natural Language Processing

Sentiment Analysis, which is also known as ‘opinion mining’, is a sub-field of Natural Language Processing that tries to identify and extract opinions within a given text across blogs, reviews, social media, forums, news etc. A typical Sentiment Analysis model takes in a huge corpus of data, such as user reviews, identifies a pattern, and infers a…

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Using Predictive Analytics to Understand Your Business Future

Everyone has questions about the accuracy of predictive analytics and its worth for promoting a business as well as how it can help to forecast a situation in an uncertain environment. These are valid questions that help us to comprehend the usefulness of predictive analytics. Predictive analytics is one kind of data analytics aimed at…

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The Benefits of automatic Data Analysis for SME’s

Fear of high costs, limited resources and the thought that automatic data analysis is beneficial only to large corporations have, in the past, resulted in fewer SME's adapting to the world of automatic data analysis. Many small businesses waste countless hours doing analysis on their own without even realizing it, without achieving tangible results. Raw…

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Big data for development

Use of technology in today’s era is not only restricted to industrialized world. Technology revolution has spread it’s influences to even the remotes regions of developing world. Millions of people around the world have now digital identity. In areas where digital identity is not a common phenomenon, technological advancement through commercial markets and other sources…

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Data as a Service

Data as a Service Data as a service, also known as DaaS, distribute information via a network system, usually through the internet. DaaS encompasses a range of data that is made available for enterprises for their utility. Through Daas, information is made accessible in various forms, i.e. texts, sounds, images and videos. DaaS uses a…

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AI & Precision Medicine

Precision medicine has long promised a world were health care intervention would be highly targeted, reliable and improve patient responses to varied treatment, mitigating risk associated with possible adverse reactions. Precision medicine is a conceptual framework in which clinicians, patients and other stakeholders work together to provide tailored treatments. Ultimately, this extends upon the patient-centred…

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How to cut costs with Business Analytics

The ideals and practices of trade and business have transformed profoundly over centuries. Humans have the distinctive character of adaptability. The world has made its transformation to internet connectivity in the 1900s. By 2014 nearly three billion people had internet connectivity. Today the world is more connected than ever before because of social media platforms.…

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